Upgrade your guest experience and your hotel service operations with Hotel Service Bell.   Guests today expect a quick and easy smart phone method of interfacing with your hotel associates immediately.  If you still require your guests to call the front desk for services or your associates have manual systems to report issues, then you need Hotel Service Bell today.

We have designed this system to be quickly and easily deployed and affordable.   Other hotel systems offer incredibly complex systems, high costs, and training but Hotel Service Bell is different.  Building upon experience in help desk and service desk industries, Hotel Service Bell is uniquely positioned to offer the simple, basics of hotel request and issue tracking without endless amount of automation and required input.  It provides accountability and solid tracking and management but lets the hotel associates do their job professionally and responsibly.


Hotel Service Bell is designed with today’s smart and tech savvy traveler in mind.  Today’s travelers search, plan, and manage much of their trip from their smart phones.  Calling on the phone to the front desk or asking front desk for requests or explaining issues is often not comfortable for travelers.   Hotel Service Bells allows a quick scan and  1-2 clicks to an interface to generate a request or issue ticket that can be efficiently tracked and managed by hotel associates.  Hotel Service Bell uses customer SMS texting options as a method to launching the Guest smart phone interface.   This approach is win-win for both Guests, Associates  and hotel operators  as requests can be better tracked once entered into a centralized managed database.  Requests and issues can still be created by front desk staff or associates too but all placed into the Hotel Service Bell system.  Radios and clipboards lead to requests and issues that are not properly tracked and managed in the way the Hotel Service Bell can provide for better tracking, accountability and reporting.


Hotel Service Bell is a specifically developed Guest and Associate Request application designed and build by Internet Software Sciences.  Internet Software Sciences is a long time leader in the IT help desk market, providing IT department help desk systems for over 100,000 systems worldwide.  Hotel Service Bell is a hotel turn key system to enable immediate guest and associate request and issue tracking for the entire hotel operations from room and guest services to hotel maintenance and lost and found.


Hotel Service Bell is a product offered by Internet Software Sciences of Los Altos, California.


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